Mashed Kota-toes's #ThanksShanghai pin.

What is ThanksShanghai?

In the Spring of 2016 a hashtag started trending in the Disney community, #ThanksShanghai. The hashtag appeared to be placing the blame for cutbacks and reduced spending at the U.S. Disney Parks on the Shanghai Disney project. While #ThanksShanghai continued to represent the frustrations of some, for others […]

Know Your Values, Encouraging a Culture of Integrity at Shanghai Disneyland.. But Failing

I admit it, maybe I was a naive, “disillusioned” manager. But is expecting people not to bully each other, treating both guests and cast with respect and doing your job too much? We had a good strategy, but we were too late.


IP and Characters at EPCOT Center

I discuss the anger some Disney fans and purists have about intellectual properties entering EPCOT Center. Such disappointment ignores the early part of EPCOT Center’s history after the arrival of Michael Eisner and Frank Wells to the Walt Disney Company and the trends that are occurring in the […]